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Czech us out, we’re a funny people!

Oh, Czech humor! Late-night translations of some of Ivan Mládek’s best: 1) So, a patient walks into a doctor’s clinic, and his head is absolutely smashed into pieces. The doctor stares at him. “What happened to you?!” he asks. “Well,” … Continue reading

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Ramadan & World Pride 2014

Hello, all! It has again been nearly half a year since I last wrote – for this, as always, I apologize. I will explain all that transpired and prevented me from constructive reflection. At least, however, I am now here, … Continue reading

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Croatians sure dislike chestnuts

(For those who don’t speak Czech: “pitomi” resembles “pitomý”, which loosely means “bone-headed”, but is often used in place of “stupid”.)

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