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The Czech word for “glasses” is brýle – in several dialects, it is pronounced more like bray-le.  Could the alternative pronunciation have been encouraged by familiarity with the widely-implemented Braille system?  How does foreign-language terminology affect the pronunciation of  certain words? As you … Continue reading

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Two species that I’ve been unable to identify

I must begin by apologizing.  I’d said earlier that I would attempt the Post a Week challenge, but I haven’t posted for approximately ten days.  To explain, a drastic change in my family seized me, and refused to set my mind free.  … Continue reading

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Protected: The Dangling Conversation

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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A surprisingly easy string theory problem

The above, I imagine, seems to be a direct paradox.  I’ve been perusing O.C.W. again, as per usual – I’m currently examining the second problem set featured in 8.821. Whilst it’s exceedingly difficult for me to get through these problems, components of … Continue reading

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My schedule permits physics!

It seems that the paranoid rant I put forth on the second is now irrelevant.  I’ve found that I can, in fact, claim more time than I had thought; as such, here I am! I’d like to introduce a fairly … Continue reading

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A necessary note

I’d initially intended to produce a post of some merit to accompany this news, but I’ve far too much to do tonight. To present this concept in a minutely interesting fashion, I’ll state that my whiteboard is currently adorned with two … Continue reading

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