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The customary New Year’s post

And again, so quickly, it is the final day of another year!  As much as most might expect me to be rather indifferent to so arbitrarily timed a change as this one, you’ll know if you read some previous posts … Continue reading

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My TEDxRichmondHill talk script

Earlier this year, I was granted the opportunity to give a talk at TEDxRichmondHill.  I didn’t ever envision this occurring, and it was one of the larger challenges I’ve had to work my way through (I’m horrid with public speaking), … Continue reading

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Sweet rewards

I budget these things: one for every student whose applications I finish editing.

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NanoString Technologies and CE marking

I recently had the good fortune of corresponding with an older friend on the subject of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.  Sometime into our talk, he showed me an article which he’d located within Nature Biotechnology; if you wish to read it, you … Continue reading

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A favourite fragment from Michael Ondaatje

Shared with me several years ago by one of my greatest influences, Ms. Helen Brown, this remains one of my favourite small pieces of writing.  It somehow resonates with reality, and makes me feel nostalgic, despite the fact that I … Continue reading

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Asperger’s syndrome and segment deletion

In examining the speech patterns of individuals frequently around me, I’ve noticed that those who believe they have Asperger’s – or, at least, those who note that they display behavioural patterns characteristic of the disorder – tend almost never to … Continue reading

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Questions regarding intonation and meaning

Sometime in the summer, Juensung and I had a talk about intonation and its role in verbal communication.  He asked me these questions, preliminarily: 1. So, how exactly do people manage to infuse their voice with emotions? 2. It’s been … Continue reading

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