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Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

I always enjoy delving further into things to extract their meaning.  To dispel ambiguities that could prompt thoughts of dissection, I am speaking of conducting literary analyses! Two Wednesdays ago, I was presented with Stopping by Woods on a Snowy … Continue reading

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An ornithological attempt

I must have, at some point, mentioned that I love birding.  I can’t label my study of birds “ornithology” – whilst I am immensely drawn to such methods of analysis as those employed in the Sibley-Ahlquist taxonomy, my desire to delve … Continue reading

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According to Jim

This is somewhat of a response to Neil, who has written about this far more eloquently than I ever could.  Whilst we typically see eye-to-eye, his opinion here differs entirely from mine – please go read! That said, I sincerely hope that I am correct in … Continue reading

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Open to interpretation

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Valentine’s post-mortem

I have again been reading Anatomy Descriptive and Surgical, a text which has become almost a comfort item to me over the course of the last six years.  Affectionately termed Gray’s Anatomy, it was authored by Henry Gray; first published … Continue reading

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True or false – an exercise in interaction.

“I merely say that all reading for pleasure is escape, whether it be Greek or The Diary of a Forgotten Man.  To say otherwise is to be an intellectual snob, and a juvenile at the art of living.” – Raymond … Continue reading

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This will be worth following!

I once again violate my “maximally one post per day” policy.  This time, however, the note concerns something far more intriguing than S.A.T. vocabulary. In celebration of February’s arrival, Cyril and Billy are engaging in a month-long bromantic marathon of creativity (I sincerely … Continue reading

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