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On the popularity of Agalychnis callidryas

Most people do not find Anura to be particularly attractive.  Sure, you may hear someone refer to a frog as “intriguing”, but even that term is scarcely employed in relation to this particular Lissamphibia order.  Adoring all of Amphibia, I … Continue reading

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A highly interesting medical problem

A brief summation of the events that led to this post: despite my schedule being largely saturated, I stumbled upon some time to, for lack of a better word, kill.  By dint of this, I found myself on Facebook; somehow, … Continue reading

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The Toronto Field Naturalists, Wikispecies, and an array of other items

Just earlier today, I managed to make my way to the monthly lecture being put on by Toronto Field Naturalists.  To exercise brevity in describing my present situation within the aforementioned organization, I will note, simply, that I’ve yet to … Continue reading

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The onset of the school year

Initially, I’d desired this brief message to be written in Esperanto: I’d recently spoken of the language, and years have passed since my last having communicated in it to a notable degree.  However, I then realized that most of those … Continue reading

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These sentences harbor huge potential // disasters.

I haven’t the time to write much today – I’m presently at my grandmother’s, which means a vast change to some aspects of my summer circadian rhythm.  That noted, I was formulating blatant solutions to several linguistics puzzles earlier today; … Continue reading

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