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More public-transit-inspired thoughts, this time on the nature of deserving

It seems that the T.T.C. truly is a valuable vehicle (haha) of thought.  Some time prior to my leaving for the cottage, I stumbled upon this advertisement while riding the subway: “You deserve a better career” made me stand still, … Continue reading

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Some talk ideas for the Open Seminars

Several days ago, a friend of mine mentioned that the Olympiads School, a Toronto-area mathematics and preparation institution, was hosting an event known as the Open Seminars.  This was immediately compelling to me; when I searched for more information, I … Continue reading

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Conradian thoughts mid-hike

   “Trees, trees, millions of trees, massive, immense, running up high … It made you feel very small, very lost, and yet it was not altogether depressing, that feeling.” – Heart of Darkness

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Darwin pays a compliment?

“In 1831, Mr. Patrick Matthew published his work on ‘Naval Timber and Arboriculture’, in which he gives precisely the same view on the origin of species as that (presently to be aluded to) propounded by Mr. Wallace and myself in … Continue reading

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The Little Professor Syndrome

Hi! It’s Juensung here again with another boring, not-written-by-Sophia-and-therefore-automatically-not-as-good post! My esteemed host recently published a post about living with Asperger’s syndrome, which is a condition that the both of us share. I, too, have had my fair share of people … Continue reading

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I’ve visited many… necropoli? Necropoles? Necropoleis?

I may have mentioned earlier that I – like Cyril, incidentally – make a point of reading several hours of Wikipedia daily.  I recall first stumbling upon the word “necropolis” somewhere on Wiki when I was, I think, in the … Continue reading

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Rewarding information

It seems that things worth considering frequently pop up in T.T.C. vehicles; this is just one of my many reasons for enjoying most public transport modes. I noticed this sign while travelling down Toronto’s Green Line, and was prompted to … Continue reading

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