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Croatians sure dislike chestnuts

(For those who don’t speak Czech: “pitomi” resembles “pitomý”, which loosely means “bone-headed”, but is often used in place of “stupid”.) Advertisements

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Asperger’s syndrome and segment deletion

In examining the speech patterns of individuals frequently around me, I’ve noticed that those who believe they have Asperger’s – or, at least, those who note that they display behavioural patterns characteristic of the disorder – tend almost never to … Continue reading

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Questions regarding intonation and meaning

Sometime in the summer, Juensung and I had a talk about intonation and its role in verbal communication.  He asked me these questions, preliminarily: 1. So, how exactly do people manage to infuse their voice with emotions? 2. It’s been … Continue reading

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I’ve visited many… necropoli? Necropoles? Necropoleis?

I may have mentioned earlier that I – like Cyril, incidentally – make a point of reading several hours of Wikipedia daily.  I recall first stumbling upon the word “necropolis” somewhere on Wiki when I was, I think, in the … Continue reading

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Hearing yourself think

Audition is defined as the ability to perceive sound via an organ (i.e., the ear).  This form of sensory perception can be summarized as such: vibrations are detected by the ear, and are transduced into nerve impulses that are then … Continue reading

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Questions about attributive adjective ordering

Some time ago, my mother showed me a brochure advertising Cavalia’s Odysseo, an acrobatic act arriving in Toronto that has garnered some truly spectacular reviews.  Whilst things like this aren’t typically interesting to me, nearly all forms of text are, … Continue reading

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[Etymo]logical jump

Perhaps obvious, perhaps not: Cedule is the Czech word for a sign, an item which can frequently be found hanging off of doors or other objects.  A cedilla is a diacritic that hangs off of the bottoms of basic glyphs.

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