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I have a serious problem

I’ve been going through M.I.T.’s 8.821, and am thoroughly, undeniably, hopelessly stuck – as I have been for approximately two months – on the eighth question of the sixth problem set, which can be found here. You could, in fact, … Continue reading

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A surprisingly easy string theory problem

The above, I imagine, seems to be a direct paradox.  I’ve been perusing O.C.W. again, as per usual – I’m currently examining the second problem set featured in 8.821. Whilst it’s exceedingly difficult for me to get through these problems, components of … Continue reading

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My schedule permits physics!

It seems that the paranoid rant I put forth on the second is now irrelevant.  I’ve found that I can, in fact, claim more time than I had thought; as such, here I am! I’d like to introduce a fairly … Continue reading

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Essential questions

I’m often to be found claiming that I love particle physics; I truly do. I began pursuing the discipline some time after I first delved into bio – this will seem ironic if one thinks of the sequential order in … Continue reading

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