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On Ogden’s Basic English

My apologies for not having written recently – life has been exceedingly hectic in the general vicinity of Toronto, Ontario, and that has resulted in my thoughts meandering towards increasingly blatant dead ends. In either case, I am here at … Continue reading

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What a little excited mercury can do

Knock knock? Who’s there? Nocturnal insects. Nocturnal insects who? Nocturnal insects who are fascinating, and may be observed with the use of fluorescent lighting. To be perfectly candid, I am not even certain as to whether the above could be deemed a joke, … Continue reading

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Unearthing my mother’s music

I’ve recently been inspecting the seemingly abyssal depths of the various filing cabinets and benches present within our house; as such, I’ve been able to retrieve several pieces of sheet music that I look upon very favorably by dint of … Continue reading

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Just a random life-related post

It appears that I’m on the verge of producing my second largely non-academic posting. I’ve spent the last two days enjoying a wide variety of happenings, most of which were associated with Amanda’s visiting. Prior to her arriving, we’d agreed … Continue reading

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Egyptian Arabic – an I.O.L. problem

I woke up this morning feeling rather good, and thus decided to approach a problem that has proven particularly irksome (or “compelling”, if you prefer).  It’s taken from the first I.O.L.; it’s the second in the set of individual problems … Continue reading

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Of angelfish and ambiguity

Several days ago, I was viewing a poster of sorts with but two inherent flaws. To the left, we see a depiction of a coral reef which appears to be thriving and, by extension, teeming with marine life.  Automatically, one … Continue reading

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