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Transcendental Algebra – an I.O.L. problem

No, I have not modified my usage of title case (or rather, lack thereof): Transcendental Algebra is a universal writing system; it was invented by Jacob Linzbach in 1916.  Having just written up the below solution, I haven’t the energy … Continue reading

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A look at the upcoming academic year, with regards to official competitions

Despite the fact that it’s presently summer, I’ve been worrying about what is to come of the next academic year.  Indeed, I’m certain even now that it will be one of such demand as I have not yet faced – … Continue reading

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Rana sylvatica (LeConte, 1825) – C.L.P. #3

Ah, well, it appears that my subconscious subtly suggested that I stir things up a bit. This, the third C.L.P. entry, will center not on an insect as it has twice previously, but on an amphibian (and, more specifically, one … Continue reading

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Dineutus discolor (Aube, 1838) – C.L.P. #2

I apologize for not having written yesterday – I’ve been rather caught up in family matters (to the extent, in fact, that I had to return to Toronto yesterday).  I’ll be at the cottage again tomorrow. Today’s entry centers on … Continue reading

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A thought

I’m considering only posting C.L.P. entries on days when I’ve nothing else to discuss. I think it would render them more appealing to the reader, and less reminiscent of spam. What do you say? In addition, I wish to note … Continue reading

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On anagramming

Perhaps by dint of the arrival of the summer, I’ve taken increased joy in anagramming. I doubt that this will surprise many of you, as it seems precisely like the kind of profoundly useless undertaking that I would find myself … Continue reading

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Chortophaga viridifasciata (De Geer, 1773) – C.L.P. #1

Edit:  A very wise friend of mine was kind enough to mention that I should also utilize common names when writing such posts.  My apologies, I’d just gotten highly caught up in my ranting; I don’t tend to use English … Continue reading

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