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The United Space School – Days Two and Three

When I’d last written, Days 0 (Sunday) and 1 (Monday) had concluded.  At present, it is the morning of my fifth day here; I will therefore discuss Days 2 (Tuesday) and 3 (Wednesday). The third day (Tuesday) saw us being divided into … Continue reading

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The United Space School – The First Two Days

I am presently writing from Houston, Texas; I am thoroughly exhausted.  Both of these facts suggest that I’m currently attending the 2011 session of the United Space School, an international program for professional development in astronomy, aeronautical engineering, communications, and an assortment of other things.  I … Continue reading

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Heart of Darkness – a preview

I am presently stretched out inside my cottage with the beginning of a rather interminable stomach ache; my back and the couch seem welded together without a joint.  If that sentence saw your thoughts cruising towards Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and … Continue reading

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A hypothesis surrounding Sinitic languages and eidetic memory

Is it possible that eidetic memory is more common in native Chinese readers than in other individuals? The Sinitic languages constitute wonderful examples of tongues whose roots lie in pictures – each Chinese character, to specify, is composed of a … Continue reading

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The commencement of the summer

Firstly, I wish to, as has nearly become my custom, apologize.  The last few months have been exceedingly hurried – the S.A.T. was the first to come forth; in-school examinations occurred after the eighteenth of June.  They were followed by T.O.P.S. … Continue reading

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