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Czech us out, we’re a funny people!

Oh, Czech humor! Late-night translations of some of Ivan Mládek’s best: 1) So, a patient walks into a doctor’s clinic, and his head is absolutely smashed into pieces. The doctor stares at him. “What happened to you?!” he asks. “Well,” … Continue reading

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Ramadan & World Pride 2014

Hello, all! It has again been nearly half a year since I last wrote – for this, as always, I apologize. I will explain all that transpired and prevented me from constructive reflection. At least, however, I am now here, … Continue reading

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Croatians sure dislike chestnuts

(For those who don’t speak Czech: “pitomi” resembles “pitomý”, which loosely means “bone-headed”, but is often used in place of “stupid”.)

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Starting to teach for Prep101

In the midst of preparing for my first bout of teaching with Prep101, happening this evening at U. of T. I’m considerably excited, given that the company uses the same materials I consistently work with at Oxford and recommend to … Continue reading

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We’re going home

Finally back in my real home in Scarborough, if only for a few hours. Having been near-constantly immersed in city smog for the past few months, I’ve forgotten how much I need all this: the deep, young green of grass … Continue reading

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This May, 209P/LINEAR will make the ninth closest approach to Earth of any comet on record; we may, near the time of its flyby, pass through the dust trails left by its previous orbits! This means that, on the night … Continue reading

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Watching students conquer standardized tests

Even after one has tutored for several years, it’s still exciting to see students’ scores rise! Just had a Next Step client go from high 20s to a 36 on the MCAT; albeit that it was her dedication more so … Continue reading

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