Starting to teach for Prep101

In the midst of preparing for my first bout of teaching with Prep101, happening this evening at U. of T.

I’m considerably excited, given that the company uses the same materials I consistently work with at Oxford and recommend to my other students, but I’m more than a bit anxious in anticipation, too: while sitting in on yesterday’s “seasoned instructor” session was rewarding where understanding logistics is concerned, I know that, when faced with a room of strangers, I’ve skills I need to work on, including my level of approachability: I’ve been told I can come off as effective, but intimidating. Prep101’s hiring committee gave me my first ever official evaluations from a group of (mostly) complete strangers, and while reviews were holistically very positive, I want to ensure that everyone present feels comfortable with me. If any of you have tips concerning this aspect of teaching, or any other, I’d be very grateful to hear your thoughts.

Either way, here’s to the beginning of a relatively demanding new teaching experience!


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One Response to Starting to teach for Prep101

  1. amir says:

    I was there and it was a certainly a different approach than most other sessions I’ve attended. Nevertheless, I definitely learned a lot. Thank you for that.

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