We’re going home

Finally back in my real home in Scarborough, if only for a few hours. Having been near-constantly immersed in city smog for the past few months, I’ve forgotten how much I need all this: the deep, young green of grass and maples, the earthy, dew-filled smell of the air and light wind (easy breathing), and the diversity of bird calls: reassuring coos, prominent cries, and bubbly chirps, among others, courtesy of Z. macroura, L. delawarensis, and P. domesticus respectively, mixed in with the occasional ice cream truck. Even the fleeting movements of small creatures – a cloud of flies, a swiftly passing yellow jacket, cardinals, flitting gold finches, hopping squirrels, and swooping grackles – each dancing differently in my peripheral vision. Theirs is the kind of motion I like in a place I call home, but animal life aside, I like my streets to be still and silent, something one can only find on those suburban roads whose pavements are cracked with weeds, and which are only tainted by cars every so often. Scarborough is sound and silence, fullness and emptiness in a way that makes loneliness difficult, but thought very easy: you know you are not entirely away from others, given the distant drone of lawn mowers and far-away cars and the occasional train chugging past the golf course, but the strutting of the robin, a horizon free of buildings, and a leisurely absence of frequent pedestrians, vehicles, and lights leaves room for dreams. Add to that my cat and fish, the dog I walk, my family, and all my books, and I am at peace. If only all of my closest friends could be with me, too.

Really, I wish I could better paint pictures with words. In lieu of a more gratifying description, some photographs!

Nothing compares to this place, really. Finally letting out a breath I didn’t know I was holding in.

1545045_10152912828338636_1706609214722074078_n 10155976_10152912829003636_8281799550595757603_n 10246669_10152912830123636_5202036977943393298_n 10268565_10152912829908636_5933921830236776387_n 10273825_10152912830423636_257050713381085440_n 10277933_10152912828678636_6481013491090371349_n 10296994_10152912828473636_3939306393306481338_n 10308109_10152912830323636_2353451489514379165_n 10313817_10152912828763636_1591230509808868812_n 10313983_10152912829193636_475736313525220692_n 10325596_10152912829428636_4656495724610921024_n 10334455_10152912829773636_1395788973272925225_n 10372345_10152912829513636_615985522434704483_n 10374849_10152912829623636_3049908620896651007_n 10388594_10152912828593636_9219812433765819782_n

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