Oxford Learning Don Valley – this is happening!

Despite the fact that these last two weeks have been hell for an assortment of reasons, something good did emerge from them – it turns out I’ll be able to, alongside the unbeatable Humayun Ahmed, create and run essentially the whole medical school training division of Oxford Learning. I don’t tend to post about these things, but I didn’t ever expect that, one day, I’d receive a phone call out of nowhere, and that, after one meeting, we would be given a large space for our own use, with access to free seating and printing, an advertising department, and other such luxuries, all with a truly miniscule royalty. Eventually, we may be able to build other Oxford professional school training divisions as well, and branch out to other Oxford campuses.

Our first project? Designing and teaching an eighty-hour MCAT prep. course from scratch. This is a truly singular opportunity to do whatever we want with the test – to teach it our way, to further structure our own curriculum, and to prepare ourselves for, potentially, founding an even bigger, even better initiative: something free, something international and multilingual, something completely counter to typical professional tutoring. My eventual teaching-related goal is precisely that: crafting a free platform that transcends geographical and linguistic boundaries, removing students’ academic fears and dispelling student-teacher power dynamics through casual, motivational one-on-one attention. Overly ambitious? Potentially. But that’s the aim for now, and running an entire branch of an already established business? Definitely useful to the skill-building I’ll need if I’m eventually to carry out something similar.

If you’re interested in joining us on our first ride, or know someone who might be, do drop me a line. We’ll be charging far less than most prep. courses, and we can, potentially, guarantee you a certain score boost.

Drop us a line if you’re interested in the LSAT, GMAT, or GRE, too!

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