What’s the Next Step?

Doing my best to thoroughly analyze MCAT Verbal Reasoning and Biological Sciences passages in anticipation of a big teaching interview tomorrow.

Though I’ve, by now, been through similar content at least a thousand times, I’m preparing in advance for tomorrow, and getting seriously caffeinated. My palms are sweating and I’m second-guessing myself as I answer these questions, but I think I’m justifiably nervous. If I secure this and one more work opportunity that I’ve lined up, then tomorrow will be about more than just eliminating incorrect answer choices – I’ll be able to cross out something else that’s wrong, too: my tutoring and editing charges. I haven’t been financially stable enough to help most of my regular 30+ students and 5+ clubs for free in over four months, and it’s driving me crazy. I know I’m nothing special, and I know people can survive without me, but I once promised myself I’d never charge for what little I can do in the way of academic assistance, and I had to break that promise in 2013 just to support myself and my family.

If I manage to get this (and doing so isn’t easy,mind – some of my co-instructors, if I’m successful, will be Harvard Law professors with seriously impressive teaching experience), though, I’ll not have to distance myself from my peers by imposing financial demands on them anymore. I’ll be able to focus on expanding the University of Toronto MCAT, LSAT, and Peer Mentoring clubs, through which I hope to make more and more of the University’s students persuaded that anyone can achieve absolutely anything given sufficient will and adequate effort. I’ll also be able to work towards extensively reconstructing Top Tutors, which I intend to, with the help of entrepreneur mentors and a few friends, turn into an international, tight-knit, online and in-person platform for student-student support, academic help, and achievement.

It all starts with my scoring 43+ on the timed sitting of AAMC Practice Test 3 that I’m now in the middle of; tomorrow, I’ll also have to do well during my two-hour opportunity to discuss my teaching strategy, guide my interviewer through the passages below, and lecture on an undefined Physical Sciences topic.

Wish me luck.


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