A happier new year!

Good luck has permitted me to spend considerable time with both family and non-blood loved ones in the last two weeks; I’ve even managed to supplement great memories with a few photographs (though, sadly, not everyone is pictured). If we didn’t quite run into each other, but intend to (you know who you are), then I truly can’t wait to see you! This year is already looking far better than 2013. 

69051_10152607976978636_1417508271_n 1013757_10152607976848636_410360896_n 1017361_10152607976873636_620113475_n 1464675_10152607976858636_1280104062_n 1512493_10152607976733636_1476526479_n 1525094_10152607976903636_532344992_n 1526175_10152607977063636_1154139249_n 1604558_10152607976908636_1153755344_n 1604687_10152607976853636_1362533100_n

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