No longer away from keyboard!

As you may’ve noticed, I’m back.

It is, in some way, a little amusing that my second-to-last post – dated the third of September – concludes with “Expect several posts daily.”  I hope this slightly funny fact is an acceptable prelude to an apology suspiciously similar to that with which my September post began: I’ve thoroughly failed to maintain weekly updates for the last four months!  I am now back, though, and I do intend, as much as I cannot promise much, to resume actively contributing to Sä-gə.  Despite my schedule, I’ve much that I’ve thought about; the weight of things that I’ve been unable to spew here by dint of assorted other things grew steadily heavier.  It seems that blogging, though I’m not in any way successful where it’s concerned, very nicely satisfies my rather considerable need to in some way formalize my thought processes; as such, today, responsibilities were be neglected, research assignments were be tossed aside, and I wrote my most recent post.

I won’t say much about life presently, as I believe anything relatively important has either been said in “A personal statement”, or will reveal itself in upcoming posts.  Instead, I’ll resume precisely where I planned to – as far as we’re concerned, it is summer, and I’ve July and August-era tidbits to talk at you with.  Interesting things have come up since, understandably, but I’ve not yet dismissed what I wanted to make note of earlier this year; I do want to do that prior to the new one.

I’ll end here for now, but I promise I won’t be regretting this fragment this time around:  Expect several posts daily.

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