And it begins again

I must apologize, as has grown to be my custom: I thoroughly failed to maintain daily updates this summer!  Things were proceeding relatively well until the beginning of August, I think, at which point several new opportunities presented themselves, and life grew a little hectic.  I’m presently back, however, with thoughts dating back to late July and early August that I don’t wish to abandon; these will be posted here in “retrospect” (i.e., I’ll produce all those posts that I’d intended to for the entirety of August, and will assign them August dates).

Today, though, I won’t dwell on the past month.  We’ve stumbled upon, somehow, the third of September; this means some relatively exciting things.  Namely, I’ll begin my first year of university precisely seven days from now.  While this, to some people, is presumably grounds for both a sudden increase in emotional maturity and a great deal of introspection, I feel as I have always felt prior to a new academic year: unrealistically optimistic, a little rushed (I’ve only a week, after all, to further cater to this summer’s bucket list), and thoroughly curious.  Interesting courses abound, I’ve become involved in Charles’s i3, more shadowing and research opportunities have presented themselves, eighteen students await my weekly assistance, T.T., the C.Y.S.J., and the SES still stand, and the conditional is looming.  There is much to be done, then; I look forward to at least trying it all.

If I am to be entirely honest, some introspection is occurring, too.  2011-2012 produced, I think, spectacular new experiences, some alarmingly painful, others strikingly beautiful, and some both.  While what I think to be my core values and goals never morph too greatly, I have learned – not more about myself, precisely, but more about my capacities for tolerance, empathy, unconditional love, and flexible thinking.  In addition to this, I’ve been able to figure out more about what and who truly enriches me.  Delving into academia again post- rejections from U.S. institutions, assorted experiences within nature via the cottage, several chance encounters with near-strangers who are now some of my closest friends, the maintenance of sincere relationships with existing close friends, and this recurring motif of knowledge’s unifying, enriching, and authenticating interpersonal connections – all of this prompts me to continue loving this strange, uncertain, sometimes frightfully dark saga.  I step into September knowing what and whom I love, and, in turn, who loves me; that, really, is all one can hope for.

With those more profound notes made, we’ve a week to go!  Later today, I’ll be visiting Juensung in his new residence; I find that thoroughly exciting, as he and I have extravagant plans – both academic and recreational – for the coming year (I’ll indubitably discuss these at some point in the future).  For the remainder of these seven days, I’ll be attempting to purchase textbooks, study for certain standardized tests, complete some much-needed SES, T.T., and C.Y.S.J. work, draft a coherent daily schedule for this semester, visit some apartments (because of my research work, I may be renting a university-area place for some months), and prepare, holistically, for what lies ahead.  Expect several posts daily, too, to compensate for August.

Away we go!

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