It’s Sä-gə’s second birthday!

Exactly two years ago, I was sitting on this bench looking out the window presently situated across from me, thinking about how to begin “A beginning – alternatively, ‘Hello world!'” – the first blog post I had ever written.  Cyril, my closest friend then and my closest friend now, had encouraged me to start writing, and so I did.  The weather was similar to today’s, too – lightly breezy, ideal for reflection.

Whilst so much remains constant, many things have changed.  At the time, for example, I was firmly convinced that Sä-gə would be a “Summer 2010” project at best.  I realize now, though, that I’ve been blogging for two years, and that I feel as though I won’t stop anytime soon.

I won’t say an abundance in this post – I want to spend the remainder of today revamping “About”.  However, I do want to note that I’m extremely grateful for all those that have followed even a fragment of the last two years of the very, very strange sä-gə that is my life.  To paraphrase myself of two years past: it is, I presume, largely evident that while I have upkept a record minutely similar to a blog, I have much to learn. I will attempt to continue writing and thinking to the best of my ability (which, sadly, is far from zenithal).  Oh well, I say – let’s keep going!

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