A question

On a walk some weeks ago, I saw this sign near the Toronto Beaches.

Whilst I’m not certain as to the form of recognition or reward one would receive if nominated in this particular case, it occurred to me that society sometimes rewards good intentions to the extent that certain activities – activities which could otherwise promote altruism or self-betterment – become desirable purely by dint of their potential to grant their doer the much-alluded-to “fame and fortune”.

How do you, whilst striving to be an achiever, maintain a greater sense of purpose than one influenced merely by your [more metaphorical] rewards pathway?

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One Response to A question

  1. hwonsoong says:

    There’s probably a measure of hedonism involved. My criteria: Is it fun? Is it helping somebody? Could it be helpful later? A dopamine high is really the only true reward. I’d say amusement and sense of duty are greater purposes than mere recognition, no?

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