One Strange Sä-gə gets just a little bit stranger!

As some of you may’ve noticed, I have – for once – kept my blogging-related promises.  I decided on the first of July that I would attempt to generate near-meaningful content at least once daily for the entirety of the next two months; thus far, posts (or, erm, things that approach posts but may not be post-worthy) are coming relatively consistently.

However, because chaos must – according to the frequently-alluded-to “laws of physics” – increase, it only makes sense that given this new regularity in posting, some other aspect of Sä-gə will become less authoritatively prescribed!

What, precisely, is changing?  Almost nothing.  I’m revamping “About” slightly, and some July-August posts may be less ordered than is typical of me.  Some might, for example, consist solely of photographs or favorite words from other people – yesterday, for example, I inserted a photo in an attempt to summarize my teaching philosophies.   I’ve posted pictures and quotations before, so this isn’t anything especially new, but I just thought I’d notify you that there may be more of these things appearing soon!

Finally, on an entirely different note, I recently examined differing definitions of fun on Juensung’s blog.  You can view my ramblings here.

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