Yes, I am still alive!

You know the protocol:

  • Harvest ideas using mental forceps.
  • Grind up the following in a mortar and pestle until no large pieces of tissue remain:
    0.5 – 1.5 g ideas, 0.5 g of bad time management (75-150 um) per gram of ideas
  • Pour into long-term-memory-type test tube with anti-leak protection. Incubate at 45-50 C for one month whilst life carries on, uncontrolled, outside.
  • Harvest inspiration, add to previous tube.  Vortex to resuspend.  Incubate at 45-50 C for another month, given time constraints.
  • Add 6 ml 100% yearn to write.  Mix.
  • Spin 10 min. at approximately 3000 mental rpm in order to prevent too much time from being lost, discard useless thoughts, air-dry briefly.
  • Thought extracted for public perusal.

To put that differently, whilst I want more than anything to continue to put forth different things that I find interesting, these past few months have been horrendous!  The chase is on, and I must, therefore, dedicate my time to it.  As of January, I will be far more consistent with my postings.  Please bear with me!  For now, I will attempt to post whenever possible.  I will strive for a weekly post, but that may not function as I would like.  Tomorrow, however, expect something concerning M.C.A.T. Verbal Reasoning discussion!

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