I am back, as is the school year!

This is but a quick post geared at notifying you of my still being alive! I must apologize once more for neglecting this blog, as I quite frequently do. To put it simply, unprecedented occurrences made August far more hectic than I had thought it would be. It is now September, however, and I am back in [something reminiscent of] action.

I will be posting minimally once weekly as of tomorrow; I will bring forth the varied ideas that I had during my absence from blogging.

Last year, I wrote a post largely similar to this one that spoke of the varied things that I was attempting in the 2010 to 2011 academic year. This year promises to be considerably more busy than the last, but this means that it will also be far more exciting!

A brief summation of what I’ll be doing in the ten months to come:

    • Applying to M.I.T., Caltech, Princeton, Yale, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Penn, Stanford, U. of T., Waterloo, McGill, and possibly U.B.C.
      Before you inquire: yes, I am very afraid.
    • Writing three or four S.A.T. Subject Tests
    • Sitting the M.C.A.T.
    • Taking the M.A.T.
    • Applying to be a freelance writer for an online magazine.
    • Doing further work on Top Tutors, the free tutoring organization that I founded two years ago.
    • Tutoring five students in G.M.A.T. English, A.P. Biology, twelfth-grade English, the S.A.T. Reasoning, both A.P. English subjects, and A.P. Chemistry.
    • Writing, hopefully, the N.A.C.L.O., the C.A.P. Exam, the S.I.N. Exam, and the C.B.O.
    • Heading A.P. and S.A.T. Preparation Club and N.A.C.L.O. Preparation Club at Garneau
    • Actively participating in Show Choir, Stage Band, Helix Club, and a host of other Garneau associations.
    • Creating S.A.T., A.P., and random help videos, and placing them on YouTube.
    • Getting one of my literary analyses published.
    • Attempting to become a member of the Toronto Ornithological Club and the Prometheus Society.
    • Doing more editing and translation work.
    • Attempting to participate in Intel I.S.E.F. as a member of Team Canada-ISEF.
    • Visiting the Antarctic to conduct environmental science research and outreach work.
    • Self-studying several A.P. courses, including A.P. Physics C and A.P. Chemistry.
    • Working with other individuals to better the lives of stray cats in the G.T.A.
    • Founding an English literature help site.
    • Blogging regularly.
    • Taking Stanford’s online A.I. class.
    • Learning several more languages, and increasing my proficiency in those that I have already been acquainted with.
    • And most importantly, spending time with friends and family of both human and non-human natures.

Whilst it all seems thoroughly daunting, and whilst I’m certainthat I won’t be able to successfully do almost any of it, I am excited. Tomorrow, the academic year begins, and with its commencement, many of the above-mentioned undertakings spring to life.What are you planning to tackle this academic year? Please do share; I wish you luck, in advance, with whatever it may be.

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4 Responses to I am back, as is the school year!

  1. Andrej Vukovic says:

    Say, do you know whether the Prometheus Society still accepts Ron Hoeflin’s tests, except for the Mega and the Brainbreaker (and, I’m sad to add, the Hoeflin Power Test)?

    Actually, I suppose that only leaves the Titan and the Ultra. 😛

  2. Theo says:

    Hey, you are also taking the Stanford AI class? Awesome!

  3. J says:

    Yes! The Stanford AI class! I’ll be joining the basic class due to time constraints from my academic and related pursuits.

    I’m not quite sure if I’ll be able to juggle that along with my four labs, four lectures, and two recitation classes, in addition to some personal academic projects that I’m in the midst of.

    It’s rather pleasing to see that you’re (hopefully) indulging yourself in so much, but such diversity may prove to be detrimental to your college applications. Unless you are able to write an exceptional essay that effectively integrates everything that you’ve done thus far, it’ll be rather difficult for admissions officers to take you seriously – rather, they’ll gravitate toward the conclusion that your current pursuits are purely for the acceptance letter. I’m fairly certain that quite a number of rejected applicants each year fall into this category.

    I’m also aware of the gravity of the whole situation, largely because these brilliant minds are – as they deem it – “shot down,” further discouraging them from continuing their lives with as much passion as they did before. Well. I wouldn’t call it “passion,” because their previous indulgences were appealing for the wrong reasons. Focus on simply one or two aspects of yourself and let them shine – but then again, you appear to be more well-rounded than I am. Make yourself genuine to the admissions officers, because to them, you’re just another number (no joke).

    If you’re aiming for medical school, cut Waterloo and add either Queen’s or McMaster. Add some public Ivys to your list, such as UChicago, UMichigan, and Duke, for safety reasons. Your essays are likely to be recycled anyway, so just copy/paste (and don’t forget not to write “Cornell University” on your Brown application!).

  4. ty84 says:

    I think you’re simply incredible for even thinking of this many things to do.

    I’d like to wish you the absolute best of luck. 🙂

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