Travel blogging is not my forte; Top Tutors

Regrettably, I am not a creature of habit; as such, my travel blogging endeavour fell to pieces when minor emotional stress was added to the vacation.  I have, however, returned from Texas; it was an outstanding experience, holistically.  I had the opportunity to witness some lectures that I have not written about – a particularly fascinating one, for example, pertaining to space toxicology, and another to the design of life support systems.  Whilst at the University of Houston Clear Lake, I met some extremely fascinating people, further distributed the Ellipse Problem (yes, it is now denoted in title case), and received the opportunity to listen to native speakers’ tantalizing renditions of the languages that I regularly butcher.

Today, however, I would like to talk to you about something else.  Some two years ago, on the seventh of August, 2009, I founded a small online tutoring service, the premise behind which was completely free help that would be internationally available.  I began by calling this organization “Toronto Online Tutoring”; as it grew to encompass not only me, but also approximately twenty other tutors working alongside me, its name became “Top Tutors”.  Soon, it became precisely what I’d hoped for – I had nineteen students, one of whom resided in Indonesia, one of whom was a biology major in his first year, and two of whom I was seeing in person.  Popularity for the other tutors, however, was not such a common occurrence; before long, the so-termed “rage” had died down.  For a year, T.T. was quiet; this troubled me immensely, so I’ve done my best to propel it forth once more.  My good friend Patrick Lung is now Co-Chair, alongside me; we are working to spread the word where our service is concerned.  Those formerly keen on being tutors have been reviewed, and new individuals have been introduced.  We have gone through subject areas that we need addressed, are revitalizing our web site, and are modifying our Facebook page.  More importantly, we’re hoping to gain popularity internationally, nationally, and locally – I cannot wait to see T.T. thoroughly pervade Marc Garneau and assist anyone in need of assistance; I hope to begin contacting several individuals in schools across Canada; I would, eventually, like to conduct seminars across Toronto and perhaps form smaller sub-organizations in individual schools.  This would all be in advancement of the dream, this dream being that people can gain what they would like to from academia – that anyone interested can access accurate knowledge freely, and by way of convenient online conversation with his or her global peers.  It sounds relatively standard, but if you think of it, then it’s truly something worth pursuing.

My question, then: would anyone out there be interested in aiding us?  Would you care to become a tutor, or somehow promote the service?  If so, please e-mail me at sglisch.toptutors[@]gmail[dot]com.

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