Colloquial Chinese, hopefully

Albeit that I am a day late to effectively contribute last week’s post, I am here presently!  As I’d noted, I will strive to continue writing even amidst the looming of the A.P. examinations; to speak more specifically, I will concern myself with content relevant to the coming assessments.

That noted, prior to my A.P. endeavors, I’ve a Mandarin contest to participate in.  It consists of a presentational component (id est, of one’s demonstrating mastery of some activity or art that is characteristically Chinese), a three-minute speech (one writes this prior to coming and presents it whilst there), and a brief multiple-choice test concerning differing trivia surrounding China.

I’d initially desired that my speech be an explanation of the cognitive psychology of the those employing the Chinese writing system – how characters’ having useful components aid in quick memorization, how their being reminiscent of natural objects has influenced Chinese culture, and how their meanings are stored in the human brain.  I produced it; I was told by my former teacher that it was far too theoretical for the given environment – that I should write more informally, that I should attempt to connect with audience members, and that I should present only a sliver of what I’d initially intended to discuss.  Egad!

Here it is, then, decidedly colloquial, highly superficial, and rife with argumentum ad populam.  I will bring forth the other version at some point in the future.

大家好!  我叫 Sophia, 学习汉语大约三年了。去年我第一次参加了汉语桥

比赛 。 上次我很紧张, 不记得要说什么 。我希望这次会很好, 但我的膝盖在发

抖, haha 。


















谢谢大家!  我要感谢我的老师, 感谢汉语桥比赛!

Please excuse typographical errors – this was done very quickly.  I will be posting more frequently in the days to come, as I’m effectively attempting to review the entirety of A.P. Biology in a week – that should garner some interesting results.

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2 Responses to Colloquial Chinese, hopefully

  1. XWS says:

    索菲亚, 你真是一个名副其实的天才!

    • Sophia says:

      谢谢您, 但我真的不是! 我只是很喜欢学习这些东西.
      尽管他不希望我这样说, 我觉得您的儿子是真正的天才.

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