On my recent [lack of a] life

I apologize sincerely – I’ve completely been neglecting the Post a Week challenge as it was implemented.  There are countless reasons for my doing so, but they all aggregate to prove a singular point – I am horrendous when it comes to managing my time.

Now is that time of year – albeit that I, to my eternal sadness, managed to miss all three important competitions this year, I’ve retained an abundance to do prior to September. The most immediate items to be completed are 汉语桥, several A.P. examinations, the M.A.T., and the S.A.T.; this means that I must devote the vast majority of my current time to studying, revising, and holistically practising certain skills. By dint of this, I’ve virtually no time to contribute to my regular stream of activities.

Whilst I assure you that this vigorous preparation for standardized tests will cease with the end of June, I’ve a temporary solution: I will try to write primarily about those items that I’m studying. Thus, for the next two or three months, please expect an abundance of items pertaining to A.P. Biology, A.P. Calculus BC, A.P. Chemistry, A.P. French Language, the two A.P. English examinations, the Chinese writing system, and analogies.

This post was rather pointless – I suppose that I just felt compelled to share the metaphorical weight.

With that said, I recently reread the Oedipus trilogy, and have noticed that Lachesis, Clotho, and Atropos were probably the base for the Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present, and Yet to Come in A Christmas Carol.

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4 Responses to On my recent [lack of a] life

  1. J says:

    Ooh. Studying Mandarin Chinese? Sounds delectable.

    I’m not particularly acquainted with you in person…though I do have you as a Friend-of-friend on Facebook. Lovely. Well, whatever. I’ve blocked off public search, though it’s still wholly possible to “Facebook stalk” someone through a shared contact’s friend list. Anyways.

    I haven’t had much of a life either. I completely forgot about this blog until I saw your name on Facebook.

    Double exams next week, back-to-back, and it feels as if I haven’t learned anything. AP exams are pointless. Half the supposed knowledge that I gain from studying the material is forgotten before freshman year begins and the other half disappears the day after an AP exam. Honestly, though. Cramming all that information into a brain isn’t healthy and especially flaky considering the fact that most of it isn’t transferred into your hippocampus…lovely.

    Try not to kill yourself, because, if nothing else, there’s an entire world outside of your book, regardless of its attractiveness within.

    • Sophia says:

      I am, yes; it is a thoroughly delicious language. I butcher it regularly, but enjoy my encounters with it nonetheless.

      Haha, that is perfectly all right! I am not averse to Facebook, erm, meta-networking. I am glad that you returned, as I thoroughly enjoy our exchanges.

      I’ve heard similarly, yes, but I thought that they would be at least minutely interesting diversions. They grant me the excuse needed to focus on my independent studies a bit more thoroughly – I’ve been more intensively examining Mandarin now that the relevant A.P. examination is looming. It is a pleasant breed of anxiety that I’m inclined to induce whenever possible.

      I thoroughly understand your concern, however – I know that it isn’t a particularly noble way of gaining profound knowledge, but, despite that, it’s proven to be an enjoyable endeavor. Perhaps I will be inclined to disagree with my current claims when my results are returned to me.

      I will strive to remain alive – thank you for your thoughts. I was also wondering if I may blogroll you – how do you feel about that?

  2. J says:

    I’m in a…strange situation at the moment. Some family and school trouble, and I doubt that they’ll be resolved within the next little while. Blogrolling certainly does increase readership, but it isn’t quite the way I want to get myself out there, so I’d prefer if you didn’t. It’s more of a personal preference, really, so I hope you’re not offended.

    At any rate, Mandarin is a beautiful language once you’ve mastered it, and your progress is quite astounding. By all means, do continue, and if you are ever fortuitous enough to try your hand at Chinese calligraphy, the art merely resounds further! Just don’t smudge on your white shirt, and all should end well.

    Good luck with your AP exams! Do try on your SATs, if you haven’t taken them already. They’re definitely worth the experience, and especially if you’re aiming for medical school (MCATs are far longer, so you may as well build whatever mental stamina you can).

    • Sophia says:

      Oh, of course! I asked you precisely because I did not wish to instigate discomfort. Fear not! I sincerely hope that all of the trouble has cleared up, or that it is steadily growing less prominent.

      Mandarin is absolutely amazing, but my progress within it is not at all so. Chinese calligraphy I’ve been introduced to, actually; I cannot for the life of me delve into that, I think. That said, I will attempt it, haha.

      The A.P. examinations were pleasant; now, I’m preparing to write the S.A.T., actually; I am looking forward to it. I’ve heard that the M.C.A.T. is far more aggressive; I’ve actually been studying the biology material that may be found on it. The test’s format, I’ve been told, is frightening. Whilst I don’t intend to go into medicine, I do wish to take it at some point – it sounds fascinating!

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