An obscure little riddle

The last two weeks have proven increasingly and unpleasantly hectic; I apologize for not having written recently, and for not having responded to comments as they have arrived.  I truly do appreciate every of you who has, at one point or another, wasted some time here, so please do not view the delay as having occurred by dint of anything other than extreme stress.  I will make my attempts at coherent replies immediately upon completion of this post.

As a means of compensating for my absence, I will present a bizarre little thing that certain of my friends have already had the misfortune of encountering.  It’s a miniscule riddle geared at perplexing the thinker as a lateral thinking puzzle might; I would deem it one of those if it were to be of greater merit.

There exists an island; all of the humans in the world thrive on this island’s being.  However, only a relatively small percentage of the population has ever seen it; perhaps only a minutely larger group of people has ever viewed images of it.  This island can never drift; any damage done to it would certainly cause significant emotional stress in every human being! 

So, where is this island located? 

The solution will be posted upon request; after reading, I ask that you do not be thoroughly cross with me for encouraging you to ponder this.

I will return tomorrow with more significant content – I’ve varied[ly uninteresting] items to bring forth, as per usual.  Good night, then!

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8 Responses to An obscure little riddle

  1. Taras Kolomatski says:

    Is the keyword in this question “may”; if so, is the answer underground (tectonic plates)?

  2. Tyr says:

    Is “Island” Literal? As in: big hunk of rock/coral that sticks up out of water.

  3. Raza says:

    All I can think of is.. , which fits the criteria but may be totally irrelevant

    • Sophia says:

      Very close to what I’d imagined, actually – this functions as a coherent solution, so I will explain below.

      I was actually referring to the Island of Reil, however – the insular cortex, in other words. Several years ago, I was reading Gray’s Anatomy, and I stumbled upon this alternate term for the insula. Gray was wholly responsible for its being called that; I am presently rereading, so I couldn’t resist.

      I apologize for all of this, haha.

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