This will be worth following!

I once again violate my “maximally one post per day” policy.  This time, however, the note concerns something far more intriguing than S.A.T. vocabulary.

In celebration of February’s arrival, Cyril and Billy are engaging in a month-long bromantic marathon of creativity (I sincerely hope that you two will pardon the second adjective)!  I feel as though I should publicize this to no end, noting that their work is invariably fascinating (again, to the two of you, I hope that you do not mind my rather atypical fangirl behavior).  They intend to post daily with fascinating short-term and ongoing projects that they’ve undertaken.  The output will, I imagine, consist of a broad range of items: expect anything.  I strongly advise that you take to perusing their blogs if you do not already regularly do so.  They’ve some truly inspirational items posted.

Thank you, that is all!

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2 Responses to This will be worth following!

  1. Who Cares says:

    Personally, I think one post per day is too much. Cut it down, thanks.

    • Sophia says:

      I urge you, prior to adopting that opinion, to read these particular posts if you have not yet done so. Each abounds with interesting content – perhaps you will find that once per day from these authors is far too little.

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