The Czech word for “glasses” is brýle – in several dialects, it is pronounced more like bray-le.  Could the alternative pronunciation have been encouraged by familiarity with the widely-implemented Braille system?  How does foreign-language terminology affect the pronunciation of  certain words?

As you can tell, I’ve once again been plunged into linguistics-related thought.  This is partially by dint of the fact that I am writing the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad this Wednesday.  I’ve long been interested in this competition; albeit that I don’t expect much from my participation, I am intent on trying to write the examination.

I’m exercising brevity today, as I need to prepare for the aforementioned contest.  Please note that you may look forward to a guest post concerning herpetology rather soon; in the meantime, you may have to be subjected to more of my blabber.

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