Two species that I’ve been unable to identify

I must begin by apologizing.  I’d said earlier that I would attempt the Post a Week challenge, but I haven’t posted for approximately ten days.  To explain, a drastic change in my family seized me, and refused to set my mind free.  At present, however, the pain has subsided; I believe it is best to keep myself preoccupied, so I’ve returned to regular life.

Last summer, I visited a cottage.  I would term it “my cottage”, but it isn’t: my family rents it annually.*  To speak both literally and figuratively, I had many a field day whilst there.  I spent a noteworthy amount of time examining the fauna and flora, and recording my observations.

Whilst looking at some photographs that I’d taken there, I stumbled upon this little guy; I’ve as yet been unable to properly classify him.  Can anyone out there aid me?  The shot is particularly blurry; he’d disoriented me quite a bit, having crashed directly into my glasses.

Delving into my folders from later in the year, I found these photographs.  I remember having taken them in Muskoka on the tenth of October.  These miniscule flying insects were everywhere; they seemed to dangle in mid-air, their fuzzy blue abdomens analogous to beacons.  They were out mid-morning.  I temporarily halted one’s flight with my hat so that I could take the below photographs; it quickly took off, hence the poor quality.  These guys are a tad reminiscent of some species within Ephemeroptera, but I can’t place them within that order – they don’t at all resemble its members in the majority of ways.  Help?

I’ve some other tidbits lined up for the remainder of the week – examinations have finally concluded, so I’ll have an abundance of time to blog for the next five days.

*Why I am informing you of the fact that we do not own it, I cannot say – my mindset simply compels me to always ensure that no ambiguities are thrust upon the few readers that I do have.  Call me crazy if you will  it – many do.

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