A necessary note

I’d initially intended to produce a post of some merit to accompany this news, but I’ve far too much to do tonight.

To present this concept in a minutely interesting fashion, I’ll state that my whiteboard is currently adorned with two headings: “Weekday” and “Saturday and Sunday”.  Below each of these titles are written at least twenty notes – amongst them are “Six and seven hours of bio, respectively” under the latter heading, and “Maintain social contact” under the former.  “Don’t slack” is scrawled in bold, assertive lettering across the top of the canvas.  At the very bottom reside some doodles which portray: a) the development of host embryos that have received neural plates from donors at the early and late gastrula stages respectively, b) a sea urchin embryo’s transforming into a normal pluteus larva, and c) early mouse lung formation in terms of the formation of tubules when lung mesenchyme is present.  Uses for these doodles may be retrieved from 7.22 (and, more specifically, from the first set of exam practice problems).

To arrive blatantly at a single point, I will become nearly unbearably busy over the course of the next six or so months.  It’s frightening but simultaneously exhilarating to note that I expect to participate in twenty-two standardized assessments and contests prior to July.  I do not anticipate success, but I do believe that I should try.  Upon the arrival of my M.I.T. rejection, I know that I will despise myself for succumbing to any sloth whatever.  In order to receive it with grace, I will need to be certain that I will have done all that I could do.

With that said, I must mention that this makes me fear my neglecting this blog.  Regrettably, I don’t know if I will have the time to post even weekly.  I can only promise that I will try.  My apologies – come July, much to the dismay of intelligence, I will bask in the existence of WordPress once more.  Prior to then (and, hopefully, even with that month’s arriving), please take to perusing the publications of those on my blogroll.  Those authors, whilst they are far more accomplished than I, actually manipulate their time so as to be able to cater to all of their passions.  I am jealous.

Additionally, please excuse any acerbity that I may exhibit in the next half a year – I don’t will to be even more unpleasant than I typically am, but I may fall to stress.

Go forth and conquer, guys!  I hope to converse with you soon.

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2 Responses to A necessary note

  1. J says:

    It’s good to see that you’re preparing yourself for a potential rejection. It’s also a shame that top schools reject thousands of qualified individuals, and the fact that you’re an international student means that you’re part of the (roughly) 10-15% of students selected from a different applicant pool.

    But no matter what you tell yourself beforehand about rejections, keep in mind that life is full of ups and downs, and that regardless of what you are striving for – a boy *wink wink*, a university (given), or an aspired job position, or something I haven’t listed – the most important part is to keep looking forward. You don’t know the number of people I’ve met who are completely bitter about their so-called “failed” lives – and it isn’t just them! Their families are equally despondent over their progeny’s situation(s).

    Just sayin’.

    • Sophia says:

      I indeed make a point of preparing myself for what I think to be the most likely outcome – in this case, I am certain that I will be rejected. At times, this saddens me enormously – in all honesty, it is not for the prestige that I want to attend M.I.T., but for the sheer enthusiasm with which science is handled there. I feel that my making scientific thought a lifestyle would be best understood within those lecture halls and that I would be able to finally do away with the psychological barriers that often separate me from others. Certainly, I’ve people who care about me and whom I wouldn’t lose for the world at present; they fabricate precisely the kind of environment that I hope would also be present at M.I.T. These are surroundings that I feel I would be able to dwell in with other people – what with my being highly introverted, that is not something that I may easily state.

      I digress, my apologies. Indeed, it is a shame – I know many highly qualified individuals who have been rendered unable to attend such schools simply because they reside in Canada. I regret this, as they deserve access to the intellectually compelling environments that are M.I.T. and some other locations. I do not consider myself to be even near sufficiently qualified for the aforementioned schools, so I am not as disappointed that I will not receive the opportunity.

      Well, thank you for that – I also believe in continually striving for the future. In the spirit of correctly employing colloquialisms, I return your *wink wink* with a *nudge nudge*, haha. Anyway, I thoroughly comprehend what you’re saying – I agree with you.

      On a final note, whilst I am somewhat bitter about my failures, I take them cum grano salis, as it is really the experience which I enjoy far more so than any recognition. My parents, on the other hand, consistently tell me to cease working rather than to do well – they love me, and they are highly accepting of my idiosyncrasies, but they often think that more relaxation alongside increased social exposure is more important than what I’m presently doing. It’s actually somewhat infuriating – I know that they mean best, but it really can be frustrating. I often wish that my parents would encourage me to push myself a bit. Fortunately, I love my work, and I lack what most people would find analogous to a life, so I propel myself along rather happily ^_^

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