Happy New Year!

I suddenly find myself faced with the fact that tomorrow will be the first day of the year 2011.  I suppose that I should have, erm, “seen this one coming”; in truth, I feel as though the end to this year should not be quite so near.  Perhaps that is by dint of the thought that so many items, interactions, and [surprisingly] emotions will now become constituents of yet another chapter of this strange saga – of one episode that, with the stroke of midnight, may as well have been meticulously carved in stone.

That stated, I don’t harbor any regrets – I have learnt much about humans, including those that I hold dear; I have chanced upon remarkable people who, previously having been strangers to me, are now instrumental to my happiness.  To continue weaving but a few seemingly cliché statements, I will note that I’ve also learnt about myself – I’ve had the opportunity to carefully examine my temperament under a variety of conditions, and chart my innate responses to diverse stimuli.  Sadness, in one form or another, peppered the year; I found that most of it was as a result of a lack of clarity, sincerity, or empathy on the part of some person, and, consequently, that most of it could either be remedied or attributed to human social behavior and with that, forgotten.  Those instances of grief that could not be dismissed as insignificant occurred out of natural logic, the very existence that I wish to dedicate my life to observing.  I harbor no grudges – the losses that the structure of the universe has gifted me, after my more immediate sorrow abates, compell me to even more intently pursue an understanding of it.

I have questions, and would-be answers to some questions that I will not venture to ask:
1.  Everything is beautiful, but only a few people are capable of viewing beauty.
2.  People consistently speak of desiring change in the items or conventions common to the populace, but hardly ever does an individual speak of willing to change himself or herself.
3.  It is thoroughly interesting that certainty commences with doubt.
4.  Why is it so difficult to accept affection?
5.  Perhaps the only items that one possesses for the entirety of one’s life in precisely the same form are a reflection and a shadow.
6.  Can freedom be granted?
7.  Everything that we see could be viewed otherwise.
8.  The limitations of our perception allow us to think that we may recognize perfection.
9.  Are humans capable of being altruists?
10.  Is the structure of the universe the only irreducibly complex system in existence?
11.  Music transcends language.
12.  It’s amusing that most children fear the darkness in tunnels whilst most adults fear the lights at the ends of the aforementioned.
13.  Truth consists of more than fact.
14.  The universe is a cycle, a life is a cycle, and a human, too, is cyclic.

As per usual, I’m not quite certain as to how to conclude this – neither this post, nor this year, in fact.  As such, I’m off to consume sushi!

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