The S.A.T. – I’m going to attempt to be of help

Nota bene: This is an introduction to the test and to my attempt to aid anyone interested. For substance, please proceed to my more recent post.

The S.A.T., unsurprisingly, is a standardized test; it is taken by many an eleventh and twelfth-grade student seeking to study abroad. There are two “stages” of the S.A.T. – the Reasoning Test, and the Subject Tests. The former assesses one’s working knowledge of mathematics, writing, and reading; the latter tests cater to specific disciplines. The posts that follow speak to the former – id est, the S.A.T. Reasoning Test.

People don’t often ask me for aid where the mathematical component of the S.A.T. Reasoning is concerned; I’m often told that there’s nothing to study. To be perfectly honest, I’ve always thought similarly of the other components of the Reasoning Test – that is, of the reading and writing portions. Some people will say that I find this assessment easy because I’m me; as kind-hearted as that falsity is, it remains a falsity. I speak entirely honestly when I state that if I can find something painless, then anyone can.

If, however, they meant to indicate that I find this assessment easy by dint of how I learnt English, then they are correct. Very few members of my family were capable of highly eloquent English when I was younger; thus, I studied, amongst other items, grammatical texts and dictionaries. The former quite blatantly lay out conventions and laws of usage; the latter provide the opportunity for enriching one’s vocabulary. Later, I became interested in Latin and Greek; a mediocre knowledge of these enabled me to make educated guesses when braving new English words.

Conquering the English component of the Reasoning is as easy as that: understanding, recognizing, and employing conventions of usage, having a working vocabulary, and being capable of logically assuming the meanings of words that one does not know.

I understand that not everyone exhibits the refined lack of a life that I do; for this reason, I’m hoping that I can provide some tips that will aid you in more effective performance and, as is ever important, increased confidence. I intend to provide aid for both the Writing and the Reading components, but I’ll commence with the former; namely, with identifying sentence errors, improving sentences, and improving paragraphs. I’ll speak to the essay some time later.

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