On the popularity of Agalychnis callidryas

Most people do not find Anura to be particularly attractive.  Sure, you may hear someone refer to a frog as “intriguing”, but even that term is scarcely employed in relation to this particular Lissamphibia order.  Adoring all of Amphibia, I cannot hope to comprehend the lack of relish that is present amongst the general populace where its members are concerned.

It is for this reason that I have always been surprised by the abiding popularity of A. callidryas.  Colloquially termed the red-eyed tree frog, it has, to put all things simply, become an icon.  It consumes nature-themed calendars, invades Telus commercials, and even adorns the Chinese copy of the ROM visitor’s guide.

                                 As such, it’s only understandable that it also overtakes my room.

A promising rant followed by an amusing photograph and a very blatant declaration of my loyalty to the aforementioned commonly-loved species.  I believe that was the herpetological equivalent of a “Rickroll”.

Now then, I’ve been thoroughly incapable of posting by dint of several rather large projects having woven their way into my unsuspecting schedule.  I’m here now, however, and I intend to address several Math Circles problems, the serial comma, another medical problem, and the like in the next few days.

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2 Responses to On the popularity of Agalychnis callidryas

  1. Tyr says:

    You know, I did a project on said frog way back in grade … 4 was it?

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