The onset of the school year

Initially, I’d desired this brief message to be written in Esperanto: I’d recently spoken of the language, and years have passed since my last having communicated in it to a notable degree.  However, I then realized that most of those who deign to examine my less-than-enchanting ramblings on a regular basis are speakers of English.

That said, the academic year will have begun by the time that I finish writing this post.  To insert Eppendorf North America’s highly amusing slogan where it truly should not be placed, it seems as though this year will prove to be “centrifugation redefined”.  It is my hope that it will pass with a moderately manageable degree of silence, speed, and simplicity, then.  Horrid, jargon-rich bio puns aside, I really hope that my head will not be spinning too quickly to satisfy some of the more delicate operations in store (yes, I had to make one more).  I’ve written up my schedule for the first semester (id est, the daily schedule encompassing all aspects of my life, not simply that which I will use to navigate through classes at school); life will be notably more driven than it has been.  Ironically, the academic year often lessens the time that one has to do many academic things.  There will be very little time to gaze blankly; I will have to further my ability to concentrate, as it, alongside my English speaking skills, has wavered over the summer.

That being said, I can’t wait.  Albeit that there is much to be done, the vast majority of it is thoroughly enjoyable, and that small amount which isn’t intriguing is simply prerequisite.  I’m thoroughly excited about finally attempting to successfully write the Canadian Biology Olympiad, although that’s happening far later than many other items on my list.  The N.A.C.L.O. awaits, as do meetings of the Toronto Entomologists’ Association, many a lecture, and a spectacular Zamenhofa Tago.  Oh yes, and next week, it is time to submit an article on C. viridifasciata to Wikispecies – I still gape at its not already having been written.  Additionally, it appears that I will be able to study and practise biology for approximately twenty-two hours weekly; as such, I sleep soundly.

I doubt that I’ll be able to adhere to my schedule, but I will try.  Reality has not yet seized me (and perhaps it never will), so the aforementioned playfully incites me, thrilling more so than intimidating me.  My sincerest wishes to everyone entering a new academic year; I thoroughly hope that we will all keep in touch.  The summer was, for lack of better terms, enjoyable, although some family events made it a tad too grave for my liking at times.

On with the autumn!

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One Response to The onset of the school year

  1. Tyr says:

    However, I then realized that most of those who deign to examine my less-than-enchanting ramblings on a regular basis are speakers of English.

    Thank you for realizing this, as although I’m sure there are sites that can translate from Esperanto, I’m sure that they wouldn’t be able to translate the unique style that your writing has.

    Also, is there no preview for comments? I think that I’m using the proper tag for quoting, but I may be mistaken.

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