Unearthing my mother’s music

I’ve recently been inspecting the seemingly abyssal depths of the various filing cabinets and benches present within our house; as such, I’ve been able to retrieve several pieces of sheet music that I look upon very favorably by dint of their having been my mother’s.

This, I believe, requires little to no introduction – Debussy’s première arabesque, also known as No. 1 in E Major.  This has been one of my favorite compositions for quite literally as long as I can remember – my mother has been playing it for me since the earliest days of my childhood.  It’s a thoroughly beautiful piece, one capable of transporting the listener into a state of holistic serenity.  I’ve yet to see which feelings it incites within the pianist.  This piece, albeit not technically difficult in any one aspect of its being, presents an immense challenge where harboring the right amount of expression is concerned.  It also needs to be articulated very precisely if it is to flow as intended.

The next image depicts a rather massive volume – this is the aptly-named Master Book, a German collection that my mother utilized when she first began to learn to play.

Typically, I would prefer establishing my own selection of pieces to referring to a predetermined set, but this particular publication happens to tailor quite precisely to my likings.  With the best of both J.S. Bach and Rachmaninow (and, to paraphrase what may be an irritating idiom, “everyone in between”), it’s excellent, to speak blatantly.  I’ve been [attempting to] undertake a lot of Chopin most recently.

Lastly, but quite notably, we’ve a collection of Ježek pieces!

Albeit that some could argue that playing him borders on moral obligation in light of my ethnicity, I love his Bugatti Step, as I have since my early childhood.  It is contagious in its sheer ability to uplift one’s spirits; I am thoroughly set on learning to execute it at least moderately well.  This has been the result of one day’s flipping through the contents of my piano bench.

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2 Responses to Unearthing my mother’s music

  1. weichenzhou says:

    I played Deux Arabesque #1 . Beautiful piece.

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