Just a random life-related post

It appears that I’m on the verge of producing my second largely non-academic posting. I’ve spent the last two days enjoying a wide variety of happenings, most of which were associated with Amanda’s visiting. Prior to her arriving, we’d agreed to nerd it out; we most certainly did do so, to my rather extended joy.

We began with a visit to the Taste of the Danforth, which was largely satisfactory in that I was granted access to a prominent quantity of casual Modern Greek writings. Regrettably, I’m more well-versed with Koine, and was consequently rather obtuse in the face of the aforementioned pieces of present-day text. I did eventually transition, performing several brief etymological exercises, and was subsequently able to enjoy a very well-done σπανακόπιτα.

A rather blurry image geared at showcasing the abundant “Greekness”, for lack of a more enthralling term.

That shepherds me towards another project – for some time now, I’ve been interested in embracing my inherently irritating case of polyglottism, and attempting to further it.  As such, I’ve decided to pursue two languages per month, and to generate posts four times monthly (two in each language).  These will discuss everyday items, as have all of the others; I will thus strive to reveal my true linguistic horizon by clearing the various obstacles standing before it.  Id est, I will learn more languages so that I may further understand and manipulate linguistic connections.

Reverting to that summation, however – yesterday, we also indulged in both listening to and playing music for several hours, alongside my bursting into many a soliloquy (I was rather excited about both attachment ambiguity and was OD-ing (my apologies) on the iPhone OpticalDensity application).

Today, we proceeded to the R.O.M., whence I came significantly happy, having worked up a considerable Ca10(PO4)6(F)2.  I particularly enjoyed viewing the geological exhibit, and <Czech accent>willemite</Czech accent> long squeal if prompted to speak of my viewings.  Actually, I will most probably discuss them in greater detail in upcoming posts; as such, resistance is rutile.

I also viewed several insect specimens, which will indubitably lead to tomorrow’s post being highly opinionated and perhaps moderately infantile (I’ll be speaking to my beliefs regarding the collection of certain species for scientific purposes).  In addition, you can expect a criticism of a soon-to-be-released film which details death by certain members of Serrasalminae, albeit that I cannot guarantee the degree of its utility.

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2 Responses to Just a random life-related post

  1. If you’re interested in polyglots, and hyperglots, check out the new book “Babel No More”, just published, and available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. John V. Karavitis

    • Sophia says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, John! I apologize that it’s taken me so long to get back to you. It’s a very interesting read, from what I’ve heard – I’ll add it to my list!

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