Transcendental Algebra – an I.O.L. problem

No, I have not modified my usage of title case (or rather, lack thereof): Transcendental Algebra is a universal writing system; it was invented by Jacob Linzbach in 1916.  Having just written up the below solution, I haven’t the energy to launch into rants centered on this highly awesome means of expressing your thoughts.  This, as you may’ve guessed, is leading up to a computational linguistics problem – the first one from the first International Olympiad in Linguistics, to speak more precisely.

The problem is to be found here:

I utilized the English booklet, albeit that made it a tad more difficult for me, as I am able to pinpoint elusive nuances far more easily in Czech.

It’s the first problem; it’s worth twenty marks.

The following, then, is my solution:  Transcendental Algebra – Solution

I should note that I found this rather intuitive; I wished to write out my thoughts so as to provide insight into my deranged mind.  My solution, sadly, is convoluted.

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3 Responses to Transcendental Algebra – an I.O.L. problem

  1. pinksamosas says:

    I think you’re wrong for question 13. because it’s passive………?

  2. pinksamosas says:

    WHOOPS! please ignore my comment lol

  3. hh says:

    x please help con transcendental algebra

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