A look at the upcoming academic year, with regards to official competitions

Despite the fact that it’s presently summer, I’ve been worrying about what is to come of the next academic year.  Indeed, I’m certain even now that it will be one of such demand as I have not yet faced – several twelfth-grade courses (and, by extension, the premise of achieving according to my standards) will lead to my being increasingly busy.  That isn’t, however, what I ponder nervously upon thinking of the coming months – typically, when I say that I’m concerned with what is to come, I’m referring to experiencing anxiety by dint of the rather large swarm of projects establishing new colonies determinedly in my mind.

Id est, I’m afraid I may have bitten off rather more than I can successfully make digestible through mastication.  I nevertheless find myself believing that this metaphorical “food” will be made softer upon my persistently depressing my mandible – if I am determined, the enzymes will then take their toll, decreasing the activation energy and thus increasing the rate of this particular reaction.  Of course, should all of this fail, I can pull a Ruminantia, regurgitating the semi-digested contents and re-chewing that cud next year!  It’s no wonder that “persist” can be derived from “peristalsis”.

Of these projects, several are official contests that I wish to train for and subsequently participate in.  More to organize my thoughts than anything else, I’ve compiled a list of competitions that I hope to participate in.  I’ve also formulated questions regarding several of them, and I’d be inexpressibly grateful to anyone who submits his or her knowledge, experience, and/or opinion with regards to any of these undertakings.  Additionally, should any of you be interested in co-working, I’d be more than pleased to converse with you.

Competitions (Those to be Taken Seriously)

N.A.C.L.O. – early February, tentatively.  Questions: Can we take this at a school other than our own?  I’ve heard that there are only two options: 1) taking it at one’s own high school, and 2) taking it at a university.  By dint of Garneau’s not granting us the opportunity, I’d wanted to take it at Don Mills, but is this even an option?  If not, then I’ll be selecting the latter of the aforementioned two options – does anyone know of a university that offers the opportunity?

The C.B.O. – Questions:  When is this occurring in 2011?  Where is it being administered?

The S.I.N. Examination – early May, tentatively – Would anyone be inclined to do the team examination with me?

Hanyu Qiao (Chinese Bridge) – competition takes place sometime in April.

Team Canada-I.S.E.F. – Round One and Round Two occur in December.

The M.A.T. – may be taken in either September, November, or January.

The N.B.C. – Thursday, April 28th.

The DuPont Challenge – submissions due in late January or early February.

Eco-Challenge Student Grant Program – applications due in early June.

Q.C.S.Y.S. – camp takes place during late July (the twenty-sixth to the thirtieth this year).

The Arc Poem of the Year Contest – early February.

I’d wanted to involve myself in several others (id est, more physics, astronomy, and chemistry-related items), but sadly, dates conflict.

On another note, I am not even going to list the I.O.L. and the I.B.O., as I don’t harbor even the slightest hope of placing in the N.A.C.L.O. and the C.B.O.  That does not discourage me, however – the nerding is what matters.

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4 Responses to A look at the upcoming academic year, with regards to official competitions

  1. Nao says:

    I don’t think Canada even has an IOL team. o_O

  2. Sophia says:

    No, it doesn’t, but I think that if you make top eight in the N.A.C.L.O. Invitational Round, you’re allowed to go. I would hope so, in either case. It’s a “North American” team, but that’s fine.

  3. PL says:

    S.I.N. sounds fun, will see after I try my hand at physics
    the Q.C.S.Y.S. is also really interesting, though I doubt I’ll make it + I’m not sure if I have time

    • Sophia says:

      Yes – presumably, the S.I.N. Exam is fun, but exceedingly challenging. I’ve yet to begin preparing.

      The Q.C.S.Y.S. is apparently very interesting – my friend attended, and told me that it was intriguing. Regrettably, it occupies a very unfortunate time of year – contests of all kinds are taking place directly prior to and after it.

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