A beginning – alternatively, “Hello world!”

As its title quite blatantly suggests, this post salutes the commencement of a blog that has been dubbed “Sophia’s Sä-gə”.  As could be expected, my name is Sophia; it is my sincerest hope that I will be able to maintain this for at least a moderately acceptable period of time.

Prior to discussing anything else, I’d like to note that it was my thoroughly remarkable friend Cyril who installed and subsequently fed my urge to blog.  I say this partially to thank him for encouraging me to healthily expel my insanity, but primarily because he has his own WordPress which you certainly should take to frequenting.  It has been added to the blogroll.

If we are to trust the series of notes on its well-worn jacket, then a “brand-new”, erm, thirty-one year old edition of The Oxford Paperback Dictionary has abidingly harbored a tremendous degree of sentimental value where I am concerned.  According to it, the word “saga” denotes “a long story with many episodes”; this endeavor, if successful, will most certainly be comparable to that.  Additionally, “Sophia’s Saga” resounds with a not-too-subtle breed of consonance.  The fact that I simply had to phonetically transcribe the title showcases my fascination with language, which many will argue is one of my most irritating idiosyncrasies.  Many concepts pertaining to computational linguistics, phonology, and literature will soon prove abundant contributors to the many hours’ traffic of this particular virtual stage.  To produce another warning, however, it is necessary to mention that my greatest passion is the study of biology, with this ranging from genetics to zoology.  This particular science will here be perused to no end; this could essentially be termed “The Bio Blog”, although devising a title of such obvious promise and audacity might connote my exhibiting some form of prowess where the study of life is concerned which, to speak entirely honestly, I don’t.  To put it briefly, then, I’ll be dealing primarily with biology and language, alongside large quantities of a subject that I haven’t yet mentioned, for some reason: physics.  These three will be accompanied by comparatively smaller doses of math, computer science, chemistry, music, and anything else that I find interesting (id est, a lot).

I realize that I’ve now diverted from the original purpose of this post, which was to introduce the ideas behind the title, and, in doing so, to grant you insight into the often frowned-upon aberration that is me.It  is, I presume, largely evident that I haven’t yet upkept any record even minutely similar to a blog; I will attempt to do so to the best of my ability (which, sadly, is far from zenithal).  Oh well, I say – here we go!

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2 Responses to A beginning – alternatively, “Hello world!”

  1. PL says:

    moderately acceptable period of time

    ^ you better. I’m off to camp and when I get back I better have a good half hour’s worth or reading here.

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